How to Benefit More from Golf

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Although millions of people love playing the sport of golf, most wouldn’t consider it a very physically-demanding activity. If anything, golf is looked at as a leisurely way to spend a weekend afternoon. However, if you know what you’re doing, golf can actually be a very healthy activity that benefits you for your entire life.
Walk the Course
For one thing, unless you absolutely need a golf cart, it’s best to just take the course on foot. Not only will that be a handful of miles, it will also mean navigating all the hills and valleys of the course, which will help sculpt your legs.
Avoid Unhealthy Activities While Playing
Many players don’t do themselves any favors when it comes to staying in shape while they golf. It’s not rare to see them smoking cigars or having a cigarette while they play. Others take a flask with them or play at courses where employees actually drive around offering beer.
Avoid these behaviors at all costs. Otherwise, golf becomes an activity full of bad behaviors instead of one that can actually have physical benefits.
Work Out
Within the past decade or so, professional golfers have realized how important it is to actually workout and improve their physique for playing. Tiger Woods is a great example as his routines leave him absolutely ripped. Workouts for golf don’t have to mean doing strong man exercises. Instead, it means simply core workouts, building up the legs and helping the shoulders. However, simple exercises can not only improve your physique but your golf game as well.
Play More Often
Lastly, simply play golf more often for a better body. You can find plenty of cheap par 3’s to play at in order to fit a few rounds in during the week before work that will get you out, under the sun and playing your favorite sport more often.
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